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April 16-19, 2010  

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California Democratic Party Convention in Los Angeles
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Wendy Greuel's campaign for Mayor of Los Angeles has apparently begun.

Just after being interviewed at California Democratic Party's convention on April 17, 2010, in Los Angeles, former California state controller, Steve Westly, told the news crew that he would attending a fundraising meeting later that evening for the mayoral campaign of Wendy Greuel.

After Westly went back to the convention, the three of us; reporter Kristopher Daams, camera operator Kris Kelso, and me, producer Bruce McFarland, looked at each other and asked, is that news?

While it is not unexpected that Greuel would want to run for mayor, we hadn't heard of any actual plans being underway. We decided to ask Ms. Greuel, if we had a chance.

Later that afternoon, we had the chance. The attached video is the part of the video interview where reporter Kris Daams asks her about her plans.

I believe Daams mention of fundraiser was in error. I believe what Steve Westly actually said was fundraising meeting.

You'll notice Greuel's physical reaction when Daams mentions the fundraiser, and you'll also notice that she doesn't deny it.

After an extensive Google search, we at believe this is the first public acknowledgement of Wendy Greuel's campaign to become mayor of Los Angeles.

Bruce McFarland
Chief Information Officer,

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