You Can Help Win the Fight
to Stop the Cemex mega-mine
in Soledad Canyon

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question markWhat is Cemex?

Cemex refers to the the Cemex Corporation, a global producer of cement and ready-mix concrete products. The Cemex Corporation plans on sitting a 56-million ton mining project within a five mile radius of 10,000 homes and a handful of schools and parks right here in the Santa Clarita Valley.

Environmental and traffic studies tell us that the regional impact of this project would be severe. The mining project, which would span 20 years, would result in adding over 1,000 truck trips daily on Soledad Canyon Rd and SR-14, doubling the State standard for PM10 (a form of air pollution), and diminishing one of our scenic mountain ranges.

Cemex Area Map (PDF*)

How to Make this Project Less Damaging
The City of Santa Clarita, joined by numerous public, private, and non-profit organizations, has actively fought to protect the health and safety of the greater Santa Clarita Valley. In addition to extensive legal efforts, the following mitigations have been proposed to make the project less damaging:

  • Allow for limited mining operations to take place at “historical levels”
  • Protection of the ridgeline near the project
  • Use of rail haul in lieu of heavy trucks to haul the product
  • Use of piped in water instead of scarce groundwater
  • Retrofitting of school air ventilation systems in nearby classrooms, gymnasiums and cafeterias
  • Elimination of the North Fines Storage Area, a visual blight
  • Require public reports noting the net tonnage and gross product mined on the site
  • Ban on the use of dangerous Chlorides
  • Limit operating hours to 12 hours/day, 240 days/year
  • Project Oversight with an onsite monitor during all hours of operation
  • Project Review after 10 years
  • Health Liability Bond
  • Open Space dedication
  • Reclamation of the mine after the 20-year term

To find out how you can help in these efforts, please visit our What You Can Do page.