Welcome to Podcasts, as seen in Bruce McFarland's column in the October 2006 Magazine of Santa Clarita

Steps to capturing and playing podcasts:

  1. Download and install a podcatcher (I used the WNYC Podcatcher click here to go there).
  2. Go to the feed directory tab and select some programs to subscribe to. (if you have a URL of a feed that isn't listed, you may enter it).
  3. Go to the subscription tab and check the episodes you want to download and click on the download icon.
  4. Find the download directory (look in preferences - under file on the podcatcher menu) and then open up Windows Explorer and go there. Then you can drag the episode you want to listen to to your mp3 player or just double click on them to play them on your computer.

Here are some links to podcast info:

Here's some interesting links you can download without a podcatcher. Just right click on the file and save it to your computer and then drag it to your mp3 player or double click on it to play it.

Here's mp3 files some from "A Way with Words"

Here are some mp3 files from Amy Goodman's Democracy Now